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InfoFlow Episode 3.53 – 11/28/17

Show Intro
SAM: Hello Blazers. Today is Monday, November 27th, 2017. Happy Cyber Monday!
SERENA: Now, please stand for the pledge.
Pledge of Allegiance
SAM: Welcome to Infoflow, my name is SAM.
SERENA: And I’m SERENA. A new club has been started by students to play one of the greatest and most well-known old-school game, Dungeons and Dragons! Come play the game that inspired everything from League, to Warcraft, to Skyrim, to Magic. Be limited only by your imagination. D&D Club meets Wednesdays and Fridays after school in room 315! New players, veterans, and Dungeon Masters alike are welcome!
SAM: The Muslim Students Association will now be meeting in room 218 for prayer during 6th, and 9th period regularly throughout the school year. Please email with any further questions.
SERENA: Hey Blazers. The African Club is presenting The Bantu Dancers Dance Team! Come get a tryout form in room 160. Auditions are November 27 in room 160! Come dressed comfortably and ready to have fun!
SAM: Are you a freshman, sophomore, or junior interested in business? The Harvard Weekend Business Academy is coming to Blair December 16-17. If you are interested in signing up, please contact Zoe Friedman by emailing
SERENA: Silver Chips is having a silent auction at Lincoln’s BBQ in downtown silver spring on December 4th. They are looking for people to contact them with connections they can use to get item donations for the auction. Contact Brenna at with any possible contributions or questions.
SAM: For all students interested in CoEd volleyball, there will be an interest meeting on Tuesday, November 28th at 3:30 in room 233. For more information, please see Mr. Shiotani in the math office.
SERENA: Seniors! Need money for college? Applying for federal aid will let you know how much money you might receive. Go to or stop by the Career Center during lunch. Specialists are there every Tuesday and Thursday. Calculations are based on family and student income earned in 2016.
SERENA: Now, take a step back and watch this smart snacks pack.
Smart Snacks
SAM: That’s all we have for you today, Blazers. Check out our website,, to submit announcements and remember to post to Silverstream with the hashtag BlairSilverStream on Instagram or Twitter. Happy Monday, Blazers! And stay tuned for Silverstream.

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