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2017 Fall Staff


Jake Foley-Keene
Executive Producer
Hey, I'm Jake. I like old hip hop, jazz, and soul. I love law, New England Sports teams, singing, and doing mundane tasks that eat up massive amounts of time.
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Marike Pinsonneault
Executive Producer
Hi, my name is Marike. I'm a senior and I love sports, which I play at school, I also love filmmaking, editing, and photography.
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Hank Groberg
Senior Producer of SilverLens
Hi, I'm Hank. Senior Producer of SilverLens. I like sports and food, and have been working in BNC for two years now. HTTR!
Will Ederer
InfoFlow Producer
I'm Will, the Infoflow Producer here at BNC. If you want to submit an announcement, spot, or video, you gotta go through me. I run Infoflow with an iron fist. I enjoy math, science, music, and Stage Crew.

Department Heads

Abby Willis
Hi! My name is Abby, and I'm a senior who loves nutella, fall hot chocolate, sweatshirts, playing piano & reading as long as it's not for school. I am also an avid sleeper. I'm excited to be working with BNC online this year!
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Shesh Batni
Package Director, Infoflow Host
Hello Blazers. You might know me, or not, it's a big school. I'm Shesh, senior, ready to do the thing. What thing? The Thing.
Soda Lo
Head of Studio, Head of Hosts
Hi! I'm Soda, I'm a junior, and I'm the head host of InfoFlow and the head of studio. Hope you all love our content!
Sam Rose-Davidoff
Technical Director, InfoFlow Host
Hey this is Sam. I run, did I mention I run? StUdeNt AThLEte lyfe. I can manage the studio, naps are great. Filmmaking is fun.
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Adam Kristensen
Equipment Manager
My name is Adam. I'm a junior and I love equipment. And dogs.
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InfoFlow Staff

Carlos Aquino
Infoflow Host, Studio Crew
Hey, I'm Carlos. I'm a senior, I like Film & CAVA.
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Kenia Sanchez Alvarado
InfoFlow Host, Studio Crew
Hey, I'm Kenia y sono fluente en sarasmo.
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Emmett Adler
Infoflow Host, Scriptwriter
Howdy, my name is Emmett. I like puns, pizza, performing, and people. My middle name is LeBron.
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Guy Lingani
Infoflow Host, Scriptwriter
Hey, my name is Guy. I'm a sophomore and the president of the sophomore class. I'm a host here on BNC.
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Serena Rush
InfoFlow Host, Studio Crew
Hi! My name is Serena. I'm a sophomore and I do a variety of things in the studio. I'm also deaf but I love being deaf.
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Catherine Liberta
Chief Meteorologist, Studio
Hi my name is Catherine. I'm a junior and I like weather.
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Isabel Fenton
I'm Isabel! I like to swim and bake and I'm a senior. Also, my favorite animal is an Okapi!
Abby Aitken
Studio Crew, Packages
My name is Abby. I'm a junior in studio and I help with weather and sometimes make packs. Peace.
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Elena Nee
Studio Crew, Packages
Hi, I'm Elena and I'm a part of the film crew for BNC. I also make videos on the activities and clubs at Blair. I enjoy watching family sitcoms and Youtube in my free time.
Stevie Shumaker
Studio Crew
He rides fearlessly through the valleys and intersections of Western Maryland. His tail flowing in the breeze. The multitude of finely woven braids that make up his mane shine in the sunlight. Some fear this great creature, but they are fools. Those who are truly wise can see the beauty and majesty of the Glorious steed of InfoFlow.
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Kayla Wellage
Studio Crew
Hey, I'm Kayla! I'm a Junior at Blair and I'm also the director of InfoFlow. I love honey BBQ chicken wings and shopping.
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Nora Bay
Studio Crew
Hey, I'm Nora. My favorite food is anything with potatoes. My favorite color is yellow. I play piano, softball, and I dance.
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Virginia Henrici
Studio Crew
Hey, my name is Virginia. I'm a junior and I like the color blue.
Haden Kettler
Studio Crew
Hey, my name is Haden. I'm a senior and I enjoy using cameras and being creative.
Paulette Maher
Studio Crew
Hi my name is Paulette Maher. I'm a sophomore at Blair. This is my first year on BNC and I direct. I love to cook and bake and am excited for a great school year.
Anna Moore
Studio Crew
Hey, my name is Anna. I'm a junior and I do cross country, swimming, and track. I like avocados, cheesecake, and fall, but I hate spring.
Lexie Scharnberger
Studio Crew
Hi my name is Lexie, I'm a junior and I like raccoons, writing, and driving.
Jordan Bondo
What's up? I'm Jordan4realz. I make packs, and packs, and packs. I also make sketches on the internet. Join me by searching Jordan4realz on social media.
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Anna Brookes
When Anna Brookes isn't saving the environment or performing in award-winning plays, she's busy mastering woodwind instruments and working on video projects that Claire Hibbeln also works on.
Megan Burke
Hi, my name is Megan. I'm a junior & I like playing basketball & volleyball and the Chicago Cubs. I work on packs for BNC.
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Bella Garfield
My name is Bella, I'm a sophomore and I like marine biology and video editing, even though I have a lot to learn on the subject.
Bella's Email
Will Gorman
Hey, my name is Will. I'm a junior and I enjoy filmmaking, friendship, and avocados.
Will's Email
Claire Hibbeln
Can't find Claire Hibbeln in BNC? She's probably on a crew boat, wearing a striped shirt, taking beautiful notes in a journal as Duolingo plays softly in the background. She's the best group mate you could ask for and she totally wrote her own bio.
Claire's Email
Miles Johnson
Hey, my name is Miles. I'm a senior and I love music, legos, and video games, especially the PC ones.
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Kiran Kochar McCabe
Hi! I'm Kiran and I'm a junior! I love cats, my family, and books! Theater's alright too I guess! #votekiranforprez2040
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Young-Bin Lee
Hi my name's Young-Bin. I'm a sophomore in CAP and I love photography.
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Noah Lovelady-Allen
Hi, I'm Noah. I'm a junior and my interests include reading Wikipedia, making videos, and eating noodles.
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Henry Merklein
Hello. My name is Henry. I love filmmaking and that's why I'm in this class.
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Emma Morganstein
Hello! My name is Emma. I'm a junior and I love puppies, stage crew, and Giraffes. On studio crew, I do switcher and packs.
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Kimberly Reyes
Hey my name is Kimberly I am a sophomore and I like to draw.
Ian Sauter
Hey, my name is Ian. I'm a junior and I love friendship and acceptance.
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Ceilidh Wagner
Hi, my name is Ceilidh. I'm a sophomore, my favorite subject is history, and I'm super excited to learn about video making!
Calvin McGlade
Packages: Blair Sports Report
Hi. School. BNC. Lacrosse.
Calvin's Email
Ray Mizui
Packages: Blair Sports Report
Hey my name is Ray. I'm a junior and I'm on Blair Sports Report. I like Kanye West.
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Dexter Mueller
Packages: Blair Sports Report
My name is Dexter. I like old backpacks, latin, and long walks on the beach.
Dexter's EmailDexter's TwitterDexter's Instagram
Kyla Grant
Packages: Marc and Kyla Show
Hey, my name is Kyla. I'm a sophomore.
Marc Monteil
Packages: Marc and Kyla Show
Bonjour, my name is Marc. I'm a senior. I love to play basketball and I love to sing.
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SilverLens Staff

Joanne Ha
SilverLens Video Producer
Hi, welcome to Joanne Fabrics. Here I am in your life, here you are in mine. Yes, we have a suite life, most of the time.
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Sebastien Kraft
SilverLens Video Producer, Infoflow Host
Hi, my name is Sebastien. I'm a senior and I love baseball, filmmaking, InfoFlow hosting, classic rock -- shoutout to U2 and Bruce Springsteen -- and epic movie soundtracks. I look forward to a great year in BNC!
Sebastien's Email
Sarina Matson
Silverlens Video Producer
Hi my name is Sarina I'm a senior and I row crew.
Sarina's Email
Sam Newman
Silverlens Video Producer, Infoflow Host
Sam Newman is a junior crazy about Space, Zionism & Music.
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Isabel Present
Silverlens Video Producer
Hello my name is Isabel. I am a senior who loves cats and communism. I run cross country and track, and sometimes recite the communist manifesto during warm-ups. I am excited to make some super-awesome non-murder related documentaries.
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Dalya Block
SilverLens Video Producer
I am Dalya. I am in 12th grade. I love pizza, the beach, riding boots, french cuisine, and trombone. I have a passion for fashion. !Au Revoir!
Dalya's Email
Kalina Gibson
SilverLens Video Producer
Hey, I'm Kalina. I'm a senior and my favorite day of school is the last one. I love to travel and eat and I can't stand when people put their pinky up when they drink.
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Jake Holland
Silverlens Video Producer
Hey, my name is Jake. I'm a junior and I love watching movies, filmmaking, and climbing things.
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Isabella Hunt
Silverlens Video Producer
Hello! I'm Isabella and I'm a junior. I really love travelling, eating, singing, and (breathing)?
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Amy Krimm
Silverlens Video Producer
Hi, I'm Amy and I'm a junior. I like art, nature, ice skating, and red peppers. I'm also addicted to early grey tea! <3
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Caroline Lanford
SilverLens Video Producer
Hey, my name is Caroline. I'm a junior and have been involved in filmmaking for 6 years. I love tamales, the Office on Netflix, and traveling. My favorite movie is "The Fundamentals of Caring."
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Nyrene Monforte
Silverlens Video Producer
Hi! I'm Nyrene. I'm a junior and I love drawing, filmmaking, and overanalyzing movies. I have a cool dog and I'm also on stage crew =)
Nyrene's Twitter
Amanda Rutledge
SilverLens Video Producer
Hello, my name is Amanda. I'm a junior and I'm on the crew team here at Blair. I also like the color green and filmmaking.
Amanda's EmailAmanda's Instagram
Rachel Shereikis
SilverLens Video Producer
Hey, my name is Rachel & I'm a junior. I love soccer, candles, coffee, & Amy Krimm who is the best partner ever.
Rachel's EmailRachel's TwitterRachel's Instagram
Sam Phan
SilverLens Video Producer
Hey, my name is Sam. I'm a senior and I like running, arguing about movies, and forgetting to write my staff page bio for several weeks.

BNC Online Staff

Willow Edge
Justin Gross
I'm Justin and I swear I'm trying my best.
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